The piece begins on a C major chord (patterns one through seven) with a strong emphasis on the mediant E and the entrance of the note F which begins a series of slow progressions to other chords suggesting a few subtle and ambiguous changes of key, the last pattern being an alternation between B♭ and G. Though the polyphonic interplay of the various patterns against each other and themselves at different rhythmic displacements is of primary interest, the piece may be considered heterophonic.

Production Team 
Électronique|LEE Mao-sung
Percussion|CHENG Wan-yi
VJ|TSAI Shu-fan

|Production Staff|
Presented by Hway Coffee, Taiwan.
Production Supervisor|YI Jin-yu, QIU Yu-sen
Associate Producer |YI Jin-yu
Technical Director|QIU Yu-sen

Directed by YI Jin-yu
Director of Photography|WANG She, YI Jin-yu, MAO ZI
Editor|TANG Yong-ru

Sound|CHEN Ying-Zhe - White Pony Music Studio
Sound Mixer|CHEN Ying-Zhe - White Pony Music Studio
Production Assistant : XU Jun-jie

Government agencies assist|Bureau of Cultural Affairs, Kaohsiung City Government


Duration of performance: 30 minutes

Touring member: 5
Électronique/Percussion*2(LEE Mao-sung, CHENG Wan-yi)
VJ*1 : TSAI Shu-fan
Manager*1(Don QUAN)
Audio*1(CHEN Ying-Zhe)

Work day: 3







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12/7 Wed 21:10

12/8 Thu 20:35