The National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, which is under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture, rebuilt the “U-108 SPACE” in 2021, which is a fully immersive U-shaped space equipped with high-definition synchronous edge-blending mapping system and 16.2 channel Ambisonics 3D spatial audio capturing and processing technology. The goal is to create “a leading creative space for digital techno-art in Taiwan” and to treat this new space as a carrier of interdisciplinary collaborations and innovative experiments, seeking to explore various possibilities by combining applications of technology with visual and performing arts.

Pandora Illusion: Echoing Oscillation is to utilize the unique “U-108 SPACE” through collaboration between professional teams of different disciplines, with attempts made to expand the audience’s imagination for art exhibition and performance. It guides the audience to open up their senses to experience new media and to enter into the illusion of Pandora, where they can experience shifting spontaneous landscapes and catch glimpses of the tip of the iceberg for a vast world of immersive interdisciplinary creative pursuits.

This online performance was filmed and recorded at U-108 SPACE. Working with the venue’s unique sound reflection and reverberation, the echoes are transformed into invisible but powerful variables, with unique illusions sparked in the participants’ consciousness.Headphones provide the best listening experience.

Unconsciously disguise as ignorant to hide from the fear of being omniscient,
Surrounded by multi-channels of sound and images,
Explore a multifaceted consciousness that is self-constructed.

Dynamic scenes comprised of “digital virtuality” and “physical reality” are randomly created with sound and images. Images are prompted by electronic music and percussion instruments in the performance, with corresponding visuals derived from real-time algorithm. With interconnected sound, images, and performers, the participants are seemingly transported to roam through the minds of the performers.


Immersive Sound Design/Artistic | HSIEH Hsien-te
Director | HSIAO Ching-hsin
Immersive Vision Design | YEH Ting-hao
Choreographer & Dancer | KUO Nai-yu
Percussionist | WENG Yen- ching, PENG Ching-ying
Co-Composers | KUO Ying-tung, HUNG Shih-lin, HUANG Tao-yun
Stage Manager & Light Design | LEI Jo-hao
Production Sound Engineering | LAI Wei-yo

Supervisor|Ministry of Culture
Organizer|National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts
Production|Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab
Implementer|C-LAB Taiwan Sound Lab


Duration of performance: 45 minutes

Touring member:8
Immersive Sound Design/Artistic*1
Director*1、Immersive Vision Design*1
Choreographer & Dancer*1
Stage Manager & Light Design*1
Production Sound Engineering*1

Work day: 7




HSIEH Hsien-Te



CloudTheatre Taiwan


12/7 Wed 20:20

12/8 Thu 19:45

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