It also means human and soul can always communicate with each other. Both two meannings admit that the physical and psychic level or world are existing and overlapping. There are low section notes of piano to imitate heart beats in Recolleting The First Time Enconter. They speak about the emotion of the first time encounter of someone, too. With video, the emotion becomes passionate, and dark, then sublimating finally. The white fog and silhouette are very important imagery in this work. Illustration In This Moment goes with six section. A dancer, electronic acoustic music, video and an invisible piano player describes a human journey of a soul. There are some processed words before and after this work, they sound like the voice of spirits.


Production Team
Artistic Concept|HO Guang-jie
Piano|WANG Yu-jie
Dancer|CHENG Wan-rou
Lighting crew|HSU Chung-hua
Stage crew|Daniel CHEN、CHEN Yu-jung、HO Pinda、LIN Tze-yu


Duration of performance: 30 minutes

Touring member:7
Dancer or body performer*1
Computer interactive software patch*1
Lighting designer*1
Stage crew*3 (including 1for flycurtain)

Audio info:
5 active speaker,
1 big porjector,
1 big white yarn curtain
1 giant project screan
some white yarn at the entrance of dancer
1 piano and 1 white cloth or yarn which could cover it

Work day: 4 At least 4 days before performing




HO Guang-jie



CloudTheatre Taiwan


12/7 Wed 21:40

12/8 Thu 21:05