Taiwan Music Showcase Platform

The aim is to provide a platform for musicians, artist managers and producers to introduce promising performers and productions, establish the network of resource sharing and experience exchanges, and facilitate international development.
Taiwan Music Showcase (TMS) consists of two sections- “Showcase” as online and offline exhibition, exchanges and trade. And “TMS Stage” as festival events for drawing crowds.


musicians’ international connections

Bringing together Taiwan artists, artistic groups, producers, artist managers, distributors, academics, representatives of institution and festival, Taiwan Music Showcase (TMS) presents works that are promising or worth recommending. We not only provide artists with an opportunity to show their work, but also assist artists and their managers or producers with planning work related matters, including project design and presentation, preparations, on-site communication, and subsequent contact. Our goal for the platform is to combine the showcase with agency system and develop a strong bond connecting production, trade and promotion in the music industry.

Taiwan Music Showcase (TMS) is organized by Studio Acht. Studio Acht is the first non-governmental team in Taiwan focusing on integrating resources in international networks and establishing the support system for Taiwanese musicians. Based on these efforts, it is also an umbrella organization covering talent incubation, creative development of the arts, performance production and independent bands. In 2008, with supports from the National Culture and Arts Foundation, Studio Acht launched two major programs, titled “Professional services and international development platform for musicians(音樂家專業服務與國際發展平台)” and “Path planning: International development strategy platform for musicians(航道計畫-音樂家國際發展策略平台)”, which has become crucial steps towards worldwide networks. In 2021, Studio Acht initiates Taiwan Music Showcase (TMS) to facilitate musicians’ international connections.


Taiwan Music Showcase (TMS)

International partners we’ve been collaborated with:
Jeonju International Sori Festival (JISF), Korea Art Management Service (KAMS), Journey to Korean Music, Performing Arts Market in Seoul (PAMS); Focus New Music (Institut français); Spotlight Taiwan- Young Composers Exchange Programme (West Kowloon Cultural District); Jazz Improvise Meeting Festival (JIMF); Classical: NEXT (Netherlands); The World Music from Slovakia platform (WOMUSK); La Marfà (Spain).

Taiwan Music Showcase (TMS) will plan the theme annually and work with its alliance partner “One More Festival” to invite domestic and foreign artists to perform the main show; to plan arts lectures, workshops, and other promotion activities; to facilitate the market mechanism of musicians, works, presenters and audience.



Studio Acht

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Taiwan Musicians and Artists Promotion (TMAP)

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