HSIEH Hsien-Te is a sound designer at C-LAB Taiwan Sound Lab. He specializes in the research and creative work of multi-channel surround sound and makes sound works across fields of contemporary music, electro-acoustic music, theater, and other genres. HSIEH is also actively involved in interdisciplinary technological art and is the winner of the 2022 Taoyuan Technology Performing Arts Awards’ New Talent Award (first prize) and the Taiwan Creative Content Agency Special Award for the work, System Tandem. He also took part in the immersive sound design and performance for Co-Existence presented at the “2021 C-LAB Sound Festival: Diversonics” and Pandora Illusion presented by “the 3rd Ju Percussion Group Laboratory”, which was nominated in the 3rd season of the 19th Taishin Arts Award.

TMS Stage 相關演出


Pandora Illusion: Echoing Oscillation