In addition to the traditional performance methods, there are countless innovative productions combined with other types of art. Although in the classification of performing arts, they are collectively referred to as "crossover", there are many musicians who take the essence of music as the core, and explore interdisciplinary artistic styles and expression methods that connect with the future. For example, Ju Percussion Group Laboratory leads the new generation of percussionists to bravely explore new fields. Pianist LU Chia-hui, who has won many international awards, uses music as a medium to demonstrate her high talent in the fusion of visual arts and performing arts. Composer CHEN Chia-hui uses science and technology to perform miracles for sound art. 2022 TMS FORUM discusses the trend and path of new techniques in the future of music art through the sharing and dialogue of various artists.


Develop Plug-ins for Percussion Music

Ju Percussion Group Laboratory, planned and supported by Ju Percussion Group, supports young percussionists to explore new fields of percussion music through mentoring and companionship, resource connection and providing production funds. Since its establishment in 2016, it has cultivated more than 20 groups of experimental teams. Among them, HSIEH Hsien-te's “Pandora Illusion: Echoing Oscillation” has become a work of cross-institutional collaboration between National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts and Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab this year, setting a milestone for contemporary percussion music creation. Mr. JU Tzong-ching, who gave birth to the Ju Percussion Group Laboratory, and the creator HSIEH Hsien-te shared this unique support platform from the perspective of supporters and experimenters respectively, and explored the ways to steer percussion music into the future.



LIN Fang-yi (Curator of 2022 Taiwan Music Showcase, Artistic Director of Studio Acht)



JU Tzong-ching (Founder and Artistic Director of Ju Percussion Group)

HSIEH Hsien-te (sound designer at C-LAB Taiwan Sound Lab)






12/7  Wed. 14:30-16:00