Falling into Dreams is an excerpt from “A Young Wife’s Dream,” a classic piece of Chinese opera. The play tells a story about a young man called WANG Hui, who is forced to join the army shortly marrying ZHANG. The newly-married wife waits bitterly for her husband to return but is disappointed day after day. The utter despair turns into dreams. Passages from “The Book of Poetry” interweave throughout the play to depict ZHANG’s wandering between dream and reality.

As technology in various forms like cell phone, computer and the Internet is changing with time, humanity and the cruelty of the war are always the same. Falling into Dreams, which takes place in the time of the Three Kingdoms 1,800 years ago, is based on “The Book of Poetry,” an anthology completed 3,000 years ago, and “A Young Wife’s Dream,” a Chinese opera written in 1931, with the latter inspired by “Parting of Newly Weds,” a poem composed by DU Fu in the Tang Dynasty 1,300 years ago. These works share the same theme of absurdity of human existence in the war time. In this play, this dominant theme fades in and out constantly like a leitmotif with variations.


Artistic concept | Lin Fang-Yi
Director | Wang Chia-Ming
Composer | Chen Yue-Dou
Singer | Chao Hsin
Erhu| Wang Wei-Kang
Guzheng |Wu Yen-Hsuan
Chinese flute |Lin Hsiao-Feng
Percussion |Yu Rho-Mei

Space concept | Huang I-Ju
Producer | Huang Pei-Jie
Executive producer | Wang Min-Chun
Production unit|The Katzenfänger Production of Studio Acht
Sponsor|The Rainbow Initiative of National Culture and Arts Foundation(Taiwan)


Duration of performance: 1h without intermission

Tour Member
Singer|Chao Hsin
Erhu |Wang Wei-Kang
Guzheng |Wu Yen-Hsuan
Chinese flute |Lin Hsiao-Feng
Percussion |Yu Rho-Mei

Sound Man 1
Stage Manager 1 
Tour Manager 1

Theater Week
Day2 Rehearsal
Day3-4 Performances





The Katzenfänger Production



CloudTheatre Taiwan


12/7 Wed 19:00

12/8 Thu 19:30

12/9 Fri 20:00

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