No Contemporary, No Future
The future is based on Here and Now.
How we inspire each other, and transpire from the past and creative, will make our future differently.
Contemporary musicians are like pioneer troops heading to the mainstream in the future.
We’re proud to be creators, performers and talented experiments.
Persisting asking “why not...” and “How about...”
Reaching the sweet spots of the magical notes to ensemble the harmony.

Panel_1: "Global Market insights of post-pandemic"
For almost 2 years of lockdown,
it changes international links and platforms.
Rethinking the post-pandemic niche markets and overseas experience sharing.

Casey, Artist agent, ARTISTA KOREA(KR)
Michelle Lee,Team Manager of Performing Arts Promotion Team, Korea Arts Management Service(KAMS)(KR)
Sharon Chan, Executive Director of PROJECT21st (HK)




Webex Meeting online


Panel  Discussion

2021.12.17 (Fri)

19:00-20:30 Panel_1: "Global Market insights of post-pandemic"

21:00-22:30 Panel_2:"Novelty-Production of Music Program"