CUBE BAND is the trio of guzheng artist Wu Yen-Hsuan, pipa artist Su Yun-Han, and percussionist Fang Hsin. The three young Taiwanese musicians gathered by Studio Acht complement each other with their extraordinary skills, distinctive styles, and a strong sense of ensemble. CUBE BAND’s combination of traditional instruments is uncommon in Taiwan; it is an excellent showcase of the musicians’ skills and mastery. In their performance, the audience can appreciate the varying timbre of basic tones and witness the sparks of conversation between the instruments.

In recent years, Studio Acht has commissioned world-renowned composers to compose specifically for CUBE BAND. These works are not only brilliant in their own right, but they also inspire a masterly ensemble where the three artists individually and jointly explore new possibilities for traditional music. The three creative musicians of CUBE BAND are charting new territories in the contemporary music scene of Taiwan: their bold performance and improvisation will be the voice of the new generation.

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