Go Go Machine Orchestra was founded in Kaohsiung, Taiwan in 2017 by musicians or sound artists with great performance skills and classical music background. Its music composes of the piano, percussion, guitar, electronic instruments and modular synthesizer. The debut album “Time” was released in 2019, it was successively nominated by Golden Indie Music Awards (GIMA) on best live performance (GIMA 2018), best live performance and best album across all music genres (GIMA 2019). Go Go Machine Orchestra was also invited by Asia Rolling Music Festival in the same year, to perform live with a perfect music combination of video synthesizer and minimal rock. Invitation from France, Netherlands and Poland were also received, Go Go Machine Orchestra became the first Taiwanese band on stage in Les Transmusicales de Rennes in France, and also the first Taiwanese band to be invited to record a live session by popular American radio station KEXP. In July 2020 and January 2021, The Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts invited Go Go Machine Orchestra to perform in the project “Shift in Space” and a series of activities in KMFA REOPEN. In June, Go Go Machine Orchestra was invited to perform an online concert in the Music Festival “Primavera Pro” in Barcelona, Spain. In 2022, Go Go Machine Orchestra went further to perform “Illusion Fantasy” in MoonRealitys in Kaohsiung Whale Promenade, it was the first immersive holographic live concert in Taiwan, in which vision and stereo sound effects were integrated to present the perfect combination of music technology and sensory feast. Great reviews were rated by audiences domestically and internationally. In fall, Go Go Machine Orchestra was invited to Baybeats in Singapore, it was the very first live performance after 2 years, really made a hit!

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Immersive Live - Illusion Fantasy