Wu Cheng-chun is a highly acclaimed Taiwanese percussionist specializing in world music. With expertise in a range of instruments including erhu, Latin percussion, Chinese percussion, world hand drums, and jazz drums, he possesses rare mastery of drumming techniques from Europe, Asia, the Americas, and Africa. Cheng Chun Wu's solid background in traditional Chinese music and his exceptional percussion skills have allowed him to successfully explore various genres such as world music, jazz, Latin music, and pop.

Known for his exceptional performance abilities, cross-genre fusion talent, and extensive stage experience, Wu Cheng-chun is recognized as one of Taiwan's foremost world music performers. He has received prestigious awards, including three gold awards at the 2022 Global Music Awards (Best Producer, Best Album, Best Fusion Music) and the Best Musician Award at the 12th Golden Indie Music Awards in 2021.

Wu's captivating presence is evident in his performances at major pop music concerts and collaborations with national-level orchestras. He has collaborated with renowned musicians and has been invited to perform extensively worldwide, accumulating a wealth of stage experience.

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